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Asphalt Seal Coating


We power broom and blow off parking lot entirely prior to applying seal coating material.  Seal Coating material will be applied using squeegees to obtain the maximum coverage.

Why Is Asphalt Maintenance So Important?

A well maintained asphalt surface can last over 20 years if it is properly cared for. In Idaho we have harsh seasons that can shorten the life of your surface without proper maintenance. Moisture from rain, snow and the freeze and thaw cycles along with the sun cause the surface to oxidize and deteriorate, which causes the asphalt surface to flake and chip away. This will eventually lead to cracks which if not properly cared for will worsen through our seasons as moisture in the cracks freeze and thaw that will eventually lead to broken asphalt and pot holes.

Proper asphalt maintenance through hot tar crack sealing and seal coating has show to extend the life of the surface and save you thousands in replacement costs. In Idaho, a newly seal coated surface is advantageous in our winter months as the dark black color soaks in the heat and will help snow to melt faster which will save you time shoveling snow. Seal coating your surface every few years will not only extend the life of the surface, it will look revitalized.

Along with maintenance from an asphalt professional, the property owner plays a big role in extending the life of the surface by properly caring for the surface between professional maintenance. It is important to keep your asphalt pavement clean at all times. Removing foreign substances such as oil stains, dirt and other deteriorating substances should be an integral part of your asphalt care. Also, you will want to remove moisture buildups after rain and snow storms as pooling moisture can lead to deterioration and cracks.

Protect your asphalt pavement by scheduling and appointment with Yellow Jacket Sealcoating now. We at Yellow Jacket want to partner with you to keep your asphalt surface looking great for years to come, call today.